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Jazz Attitude vol 305 du 16 mai 2017

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Play list 16 Mai 2017 


Nouveautés / New Releases

Artistes : Xavier Roumagnac Eklectik Band, Louis Hayes, Ferenec Snétberger, Dida Pelled, Abraham Barrera, Silvana Deluigi….B.Seager, H.Paz, M.Ridely, D.Herskovits

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Xavier Roumagnac Eklectik Band Sirénes


-Koupé dé Karré


What Else?!


2017 Gaya Productions/

Socadisc distribution


Louis Hayes Serenade for Horace


-Senor Blues

-Song for my Father


2017 Blue Note/



Ferenec Snétberger Titok -Kék Kerék

-Orange Tango


2017 ECM/



Dida Pelled A Missing Shade of Blue


-I don’t Need No Doctor



2017 Red Records/


Abraham Barrera Leyendo Suenos

Reading Dreams

-Los Mimos




2017 Djazz Urtext Records/



Silvana Deluigi Tanguera


-Mujer y Tango

-Pero Hay Una Melana


1990 Haus Der Kulturen Records


Louis Hayes Serenade for Horace


-Juicy Lucy

-Silver’s Seranade




Blue Note/



B.Seager, H.Paz, M.Ridely, D.Herskovits Tetraptych


-Blues You Can Use

-Welcoming the Water



2017 Red Records/


2017.05.16_Jazz Attitude-vol.305

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