Juin 12 2017

Jazz Attitude vol.308 du 6 juin Saluting 60’s”

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Nouveautés / New Releases

Saluting The 60’s

Artistes: Fred Dupont, Denys Baptiste, Django Bates, Flat Earth Society, No Blues, Julia Hulsmann Trio, Andrew Schiller Quintet, Eric Bouvelle /Romane….Sgt.Pepper!

Artiste / Artist Album Musique / Music Année / Year Maison disc / Distrib.


Fred Dupont Organ Session

(Saluting Jimmy Smith)


-New Orleans


-Rhum Express


2017 Assai Records/

Socadisc distribution


Denys Baptiste The Late Trane

(Saluting John Coltrane)


-Dusk Dawn



2017 Edition Records/


Django Bates Saluting SGT.Pepper

(Saluting SGT. Pepper)


-When I’m 64

-Begin the Benefit of Mr.Kite


2017 Edition Records/


Flat Earth Society Terms of


(Saluting Frank Zappa)


-Random Riffs

-Ahmad & Juan


2017 Igloo Records/



No Blues Oh Yeah Habibi -The World Keeps Turning


2017 CRS Records
Julia Hulsmann Trio Sooner and Later



– The Poet (For Ali)


2017 ECM/



Andrew Schiller Quintet Tied Together, Not To the Ground


-Tink Tink

-Skegness is SO Bracing




Red Records/


Eric Bouvelle /Romane Allo, Balthazar


-Begin the Beguin



2017 Frémeaux & Associés/



Django Bates Saluting SGT.Pepper


-Sergent Pepper Lonely Heart Club’s Band


-A Day in Life

…. Sergent Pepper (reprise)



2017 Edition Records/


2017.06.13_Jazz Attitude-vol.309

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